what you get

what you get

Detailed readings

These are the elements that I can draw on to assist you.

Chakra readings
Chakras are centres of energy that are intertwined with the human body. Their state and condition I can perceive at least on one level and figure out what’s going on and where the imbalances lie.

Energy levels
We all have physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy levels and I can interrogate the aura from afar so to speak and get some idea what’s going on and give you feedback. The chances are that you will be aware already but it’s nice to have confirmation

Relationship situations
I take on any relationship, that between the child and the parents, between marriage partners, between friends of the same sex and opposite sex. I just need the name.

Retrospective viewing and detection
Don’t ask me how I do it but I can go back in someone’s life from the moment of conception and see if there were any damage effects. If you were damaged at any time in your life – don’t tell me and I will find it and attempt to apply some repair.

Shall I shan’t I – new relationships
This is a tricky one because we are attracted where we need to go in order to learn lessons but I can make some observations to help you on your way and make a decision one way or the other.

Is this job right for me?
I can give you an opinion on whether the job you are in or have applied for is suitable for you.

The departed
I also seem to have a capacity of talking with those who have gone to the happy hunting ground, and believe me nothing much changes. If they were stubborn in life they are often stubborn in death. To state the blindingly obvious, the spirit is not the body and doesn’t need a body to exist.


How does it work?
You may wonder how this is possible. If you believe in morphogenetic fields in other words the theory that we are all conjoined energetically then the process could be seen as natural. I have honed this ability thousands of times so it has become second nature. I cannot ‘explain’ it.

With the diagnosis seems to come healing though this is not necessarily my specific intention; very often people will report healing when I have forgotten about the problem they were talking about. I think the diagnosis sets things off in the universe and what is deserved is received. I am just the trigger or the catalyst as most of us are I suspect.

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