I really look forward to this new website and the offered psychic readings because your reading for me blew me away – I am especially grateful – it arrived at the exact perfect time when I needed to read your advice and insights. You’re very talented , thanks so much  x  JP

Thank you . You gave me all that I needed to know to move forward and make positive changes . Bless you . , no pun intended. !
Stay well  RS

Thank You so much, it gives me a lot to think about. I definitely see what I need to do. I was just being stubborn and thinking everything was my fault again thank you!

I want to send a special thanks to an awesome gentleman

Brian Snellgrove….You gave me so much to think about and you are spot on with your information you shared with me….I thought about it all night, and shared it with my best friend today…she was as awed as I was…If I might ask, I’d love to get more info from you…I admire your gift, and it’s so appreciated……Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Dear Brian, Thank you so much for the really thoughtful and lovely healing you gave to me on Saturday after the main big day event (a meeting we were both attending). Truly good, good day and then such a treat at the end of the day from you. Anyhow, I’m quite sure I am feeling the benefits from your healing.   Big, warm friendly hug of appreciation.  CH

You are so accurate it’s amazing x  LP

I just wanted to say hi and thanks for being in this world. I think one can never say too many thanks to the people who have truly seen the good in you. I am witnessing how the good/God moves around in mysterious ways    SF

I felt a blast of your healing the day after we spoke. Thank you.