A new way of seeing yourself

A new way of seeing yourself

Brian Snellgrove

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I don’t know about you but I want to be in the former category. If you don’t know yourself, it’s very difficult to do more than exist. In my 45 years of aware service to the general public I’ve come across all sorts of sites relating to or using the word ‘psychic’ which is about as well defined a word as ‘love’.

The down-side of the profession.  I myself have avoided some money traps for example people taking your credit card details and adding on amounts that were not justified, practitioners going 1 min over the hour and charging you for an extra hour, people offering nothing and leaving you hanging tantalized in hyperspace so you feel you have to pay so much a minute to continue talking to them. The current image of psychic readings is not actually pristine. ( pristine is a lovely word that I don’t often use, it means clean and fresh as if new, spotless, unspoiled)

The up-side of the profession – Edgar Cayce is probably the most well known medium and psychic since his prophesies whilst ‘asleep’ have been proven to be accurate.  Tens of thousands of people have been helped by accurate advice from the psychic professions. Because we require no knowledge of the people from normal channels, the material we get is less likely to be biased and more likely to be obtained from another source.

My own role is very realistic – I offer a personal service to give pointers to people in need. My clients over the years and more recently Facebook members will be aware that I offer a free service. Why do I do this? Putting myself in your position there’s no way I’d pay money to a stranger who might give me any sort of garbage whether channeled garbage or otherwise.

I would far rather you received a preliminary reading to see if my style of working is for you. You may get all you need out of the free reading for which I allow 20 minutes and that’s absolutely great. If you then feel you need to do other work with me then that transitions onto a contributory platform – it could be a donation or it could be a fee depending on your circumstances.

What to do next – Read through the site and then contact me through the contact us page

About me as a human being, I work in nature as a landscape gardener here in Somerset and am chairman of the local Allotment Association. I am married to a fellow psychic Francoise. I write a daily diary based on the diary of Samuel Pepys. This is now up to about 400,000 words and if that doesn’t give an impression of who I am and what I do then nothing will.  🙂 The url of my diary is www.briansnellgrove.net

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